480.000 users / minutes : How we proved our latest platform application performance with JMeter

We are currently building at AFRICASYS a mobile platform application to solve problem around drugs accessibility for population and one of the major requirements at performance level was expressed as:

« The platform MUST be able to handle 100.000 users requests per minute ». Now that the development as reached the 1st milestone, the team has to prove that the application can actually take that load…. Here comes


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How to implement a custom Spring-Boot Application HealthIndicator

For those who use Spring-Boot or even better JHipster as based stack for their Java Enterprise Application, you are probably familiar with Spring-Boot « health » endpoint within Actuator project.

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OpenSource Asterisk-JMSConnector Application 1.0-GA

Telephony and IT integration/coupling is surely something that can bring power or add values in some businesses (Customers Services, Hotlines, Contact Centers, Ordering lines, CRMs, Banks, Political Campaigns, Marketing, Leads Generations/Validations…)

Asterisk being the most open source IPBX used so far, is part of many architectures: small or big, single or clustered…

Here is how Asterisk-JMSConnector fits inside this picture….

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My Docker getting started : packaging my java standalone application inside docker

« Unless you spent the last months in a cave » 🙂 I always wanted to start a post with this sentence so now it is done –> You have probably heard about Docker !

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SMSSync-JServer released on github: a full server side implementation of SMSSync gateway


Petit rappel: Dans un précédent article, je parle de ce qu’est une Gateway HTTP-SMS


L’équipe d’USHAHIDI qui développe entre autre ce produit en open source a donné sur le site de développement de la Gateway des exemples de code côté serveur pour intégrer SMSSync dans son application web. http://smssync.ushahidi.com/

Hélas il s’agissait d’exemple en PHP et Python #NoJava :(. Je viens de corriger cet oubli en publiant mon implémentation complète niveau serveur de toutes les fonctionnalités offertes par la gateway.


Le code est Open Source sous licence MIT

N’hésitez pas à forker, copier, utiliser ….

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