Linux Containers: Parallels, LXC, OpenVZ, Docker and More

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The State of Containers

Why should we care?



What’s a container?

            A container (Linux Container) at its core is an allocation, portioning, and assignment of host (compute) resources such as CPU Shares, Network I/O, Bandwidth, Block I/O, and Memory (RAM) so that kernel level constructs may jail-off, isolate or “contain” these protected resources so that specific running services (processes) and namespaces may solely utilize them without interfering with the rest of the system. These processes could be lightweight Linux hosts based on a Linux image, multiple web severs and applications, a single subsystem like a database backend, to a single process such as ‘echo “Hello”’ with little to no overhead.

            Commonly known as “operating system-level virtualization” or “OS Virtual Environments” containers differ from hypervisor level virtualization. The main difference is that the container model eliminates the hypervisor layer, redundant OS kernels, binaries, and libraries needed to typically…

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What should you know about jHipster?

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Web app for multiple platform support is the biggest challenge in twenty first century. With huge market share of smart phones and tablets along with traditional desktop or laptop, it is becoming a difficult task for the developers to create one app for all platforms. To make the things more interesting, there are many new technologies, features are getting introduced very frequently. Recently, Javascript is getting tremendous popularity due to it’s highly flexibility nature. It works both in Client side as well as Server side environment. NodeJS is used to create web applications which deals both client side and server side environment.

To add this, developers are now much more focused to develop simple and easy – to – debug applications, which can provide similar experience in all platforms. Hence, Single Page web app development is spreading like a virus for its simple and platform independent properties. In past few…

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