My Docker getting started : packaging my java standalone application inside docker

« Unless you spent the last months in a cave » 🙂 I always wanted to start a post with this sentence so now it is done –> You have probably heard about Docker !

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HTTP Web Service Consumption: URI parameters & URI variables building

While consuming simple HTTP API or RESTful API, we usually build URL with parameters before calling it.

Spring RestTemplate is a wonderful library making this easy and delicious for developers.

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AWS EC2Backuper tool

If you are used to AWS EC2 service, then you probably have noticed that there is no integrated, global (i mean that targets a lot of instances at the same time) and « schedulable » way to plan servers auto-backups and retention strategy.

Many corporates have made business around this providing tools and cloud service to achieve this. I was asked Lire la suite

Interesting article i found on a blog about « Why you should pay developers to learn »

I recently changed job position and town so i don’t have much time writing article myself for now.  But i do spend time reading others blogs with very very cool content about dev, architecture and techs in general. Here is one i’ve read this morning in the bus to work

Zero Downtime déploiement sur Tomcat7


Une fonctionnalité sympa du serveur d’application / conteneur léger JEE Tomcat7 permet de migrer une application donnée de versions sans interruption de service du point de vue utilisateur.

Pourquoi est-ce si génial?

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