How to implement a custom Spring-Boot Application HealthIndicator

For those who use Spring-Boot or even better JHipster as based stack for their Java Enterprise Application, you are probably familiar with Spring-Boot « health » endpoint within Actuator project.

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Strategies/Tips to move your SQL model to NoSQL

Some times for performance, availability or scalability reasons, we may need to rewrite an application that was previously working with an SQL database to fit a NoSQL usage or even hybrid one: a part of data will remain relational and the other part not relational

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AWS ELB: Zero downtime or Blue Green or Canary deployments!

In this post (, i talked about the Zero Downtime deployment feature inside tomcat 7 and later.

To summary this was about deploying a newer version of the same app within the same tomcat container keeping the previous WAR serving the HTTP requests until the new version is successfully deployed to take over the next users’ requests.

Today the target is the same:  avoiding to take an application off-line during an upgrade for the happiness of end users 🙂 but through one of Amazon Web Services feature: Elastic Load Balancer! Lire la suite

#feedback I’m no more doing Agile: therefore i am… or not ;-)

It’s been 10 months since i am no more doing SCRUM after almost 5 years being immersed on Agile Products/Software Development including 2 years leading as Scrum Master a Cloud Management product development team.

At this step of my road, i will take few minutes to make a feedback of my feelings and remarks regarding my old and new conditions: Lire la suite

Interesting article i found on a blog about « Why you should pay developers to learn »

I recently changed job position and town so i don’t have much time writing article myself for now.  But i do spend time reading others blogs with very very cool content about dev, architecture and techs in general. Here is one i’ve read this morning in the bus to work

Zero Downtime déploiement sur Tomcat7


Une fonctionnalité sympa du serveur d’application / conteneur léger JEE Tomcat7 permet de migrer une application donnée de versions sans interruption de service du point de vue utilisateur.

Pourquoi est-ce si génial?

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Un Webservice REST avec SpringMVC et cracher du JSON? C’est facile!!!

Vous ne savez pas ce que c’est que Spring? Pas grave. Vous ne savez pas ce que c’est que du REST? Heeu là c’est moyen, mais vous allez vite comprendre. Vous ne savez pas coder en Java ? Désolé, cet article n ‘est pas fait pour vous 🙂

Sinon pour tout le reste, je vous propose un template d’une application fonctionnelle qui vous permettra de développer très rapidement un web service REST en Java.

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