Releasing on GitHub my AWS EC2Backuper: Uses Tag and Applies Retention Policy

As introduction, you can read my post a year ago about AWS EC2 backup ecosystem and needs

EC2Backuper is a multi-platform (Java based with bat and shell launchers) which goal is to

Screenshot from 2016-06-12 18:20:12

  • an account scope scope backup tool for AWS EC2 instances
  • snapshot EC2 instances volumes based on tag usage to tell if a particular instance’s volumes should be backup or not (based on the role of the instance and its criticality…)
  • apply a retention policy provided by common/traditional backup tools : keep backup for 7 days and clean older for instance

Today i’m releasing this tool in Open Source on Github.

Source code is here:

User guide with screenshots is here:


The main differences with others tools i found at the time on the internet is this tool has a global scope and should not be scheduled on each VM we need to backup. You just have to schedule once the execution on a machine which doesn’t need to be in the cloud

Enhancements that can be done:

  • email report sending
  • make it distributed / highly available
  • fine grain volumes « backup option » at a single instance level (maybe you want a volume to be backup and not the other on the same instance)

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