10 questions to ask before you write a single line of code

Successful Software

I would guess that the majority of the software that I have written in my career has never been used. Or, at least, not used enough to justify the long hours I and my colleagues lavished on it. I am sure that I am far from unique in this. I flatter myself that the software was intuitive, well documented and robust, but we never managed to convince enough people that the software solved a real problem for them. Creating high quality software is hard, but it just isn’t enough. The software also has to be marketed effectively.

Effective marketing means:

  • identifying a problem that people will pay you adequately to solve
  • letting these people know about your solution
  • convincing them that your solution solves their problem, at least enough to try it
  • doing all the above cost effectively

This is no easy task in a complex and constantly changing world…

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