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Containers have no doubt been a hyped technology in 2014 and now moving into 2015. Containers have been around for a while now (See my other post on a high-level overview of the timeline) and will be a major technology to think about for the developer as well as within the datacenter moving forward.

Today I want to take the time to go over’s first preview of the technology they have been working on and since announcing their company in mid-october. is « driving DevOps Defined Networking by enabling distributed security, application services and orchestration for Docker and Linux containers. » and is backed by some great tech talent, Brent Salisbury, Dave Tucker, Madhu Venugopal, John M. Willis who all bring leading edge network and ops skills into one great effort which is I have had the pleasure to meet up with Brent and Madhu at ONS last…

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Interesting article i found on a blog about « Why you should pay developers to learn »

I recently changed job position and town so i don’t have much time writing article myself for now.  But i do spend time reading others blogs with very very cool content about dev, architecture and techs in general. Here is one i’ve read this morning in the bus to work